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DishaLive Group has been established as a multi-services company in India, to contribute in development of India. Our direct & indirect AIM to encourage the Indian public to use internet as a development tool. DishaLive provides Web Design & Solutions for this AIM, by this we are providing solutions of different problems; such as website development for business as well as profession. Our other service is Sahity Live, by Sahity Live we are providing a platform for both readers and writers to exchange their thoughts & ideas in the form of Poems, Stories, Articles; etc. Which results in the purification of thoughts. and our one other service is DJRDS (Indian Music Portal) for entertainment. By DJRDS we provides a platform to all artists for publish their talent in the front of world as well as providing a enjoyable place for Music Lovers.

Company Strategy

  • Vission:Encourage the Indian public to use internet as a Development tool
  • Mission: Development of India with Innovation

Company Information

Business Address DishaLive Office; 1st Floor, Chabildas Colony, Uklana Mandi (125113) Hisar, Haryana (India)

Contact Details
  +918930189636 or +917026471264

Our Team

Ashish Ghorela (Founder)
Subham Lamba
Gurjaspal Singh
Vikas Dhanda
Amit Verma
Anand Sansaniwal
Abdul Lodi
Ajay Rahar

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